Manifesto Build a better future for engineering teams and their managers

Measure what is proven to work

We only measure what has a scientific background. We will not use artificially invented code metrics to measure teams. We use what is proven to work based on the State of DevOps report and the DevOps Research and Assessment program (DORA).

Enable visibility for teams

We believe it is crucial to make the status quo visible. That's why we give engineering teams visibility about their workflows. Engineering should not be a black box for the CEO or other departments. Visibility is vital: for teams, managers, and other departments. You can only improve what you measure.

Empower teams to drive change

We enable teams to improve their processes sustainably. Once you gain visibility, you can start acting on it. We allow teams to drive this change. We believe engineering teams are intrinsically motivated to deliver faster and higher-quality software because it makes work more enjoyable.

Focus on healthy teams

We will never evaluate individuals because software development is a team sport. Organizations need to build healthy teams. We don't think that you can measure the contribution of individuals in terms of outcome. But you can measure the flow in your engineering teams and how much quality is delivered. We provide the data. To make the correct conclusions is up to the teams and their managers.

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